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Healthy animal healthy nation…

Targeted Outcomes:

  • Programme oversight in real time with greater transparency
  • Zero cost for States for Transportal creation
  • Demand and supply position of various items
  • Monitoring and evaluation reports generation
  • Sire Directory /Annual Report generation
  • Repository and aggregator of both public and private sector services
  • Global recognition for using data mining and analytics
  • Capacity building at all levels.
  • Evidence based Policy support information for decisions
  • a.Forecasting and Targeting Production Plan for Nation ,
  • b.Targeted Genetic Development
  • c. Assessing need for Infrastructure and Education

For Dynamic operations the real time data will be updated by periodical data entries by 56 Semen Stations,( 20 states) 7 CCBF’s( 6 states), 4 CHRSs 4 states)and Breeders Societies Data will be used for sorting, monitoring and generation of reports such as availability of Bulls/Bull Calves region wise, Stock position of frozen semen doses, State wise, Breed wise, and Region wise Farmers will be provided with direct access to the various organizations wherein frozen semen, embryos and livestock certifications are available Details like animal frozen semen ID, progeny particulars (sire directory), rates and other terms conditions and address, contact numbers, photo gallery etc of individual Institutes Agriculture universities/AI Technicians,Vet Doctors in their locations

: Project Monitoring System to monitor various government projects & programmes , UMANG, Mobile App, Blockchain , Multiple Payment Gateway, SMS, Engagement Model , Tele Medicine, and CSCs across India.

GPMS Transportal